The Keys To Good Lawyering

The Law Office of James Koenig

Preparation is the key to trying cases. Preparation requires ordered thinking, organization skills, and the ability to articulate a position whether it be in writing or in person. These are the fundamental skills of lawyering and the skills I have developed over time.

Good lawyering demands a dedication to keeping informed about the state of the law and learning about changes in the law. Good lawyering often involves the patient review of relevant rules and procedures and their proper application in the relevant context. Every case is different but the skills needed to do a good job remain the same.

Courts and judges are each different. Knowing how a given court or judge operates is an important component of experience. Knowing what you don't know and figuring it out can be the difference between good lawyering and exceptional lawyering.

No lawyer can guarantee results, and you should beware of those who attempt to do so.